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  • Things to Know about a Domain name

    A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website in the internet. There are several aspects that we should be aware about domains. I have pointed out some of them below;

    Domain names are managed under a hierarchy headed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which manages the top of the DNS tree by administrating the data in the root name servers.

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages the top-level development and architecture of the Internet domain name space. It authorizes domain name registrars, through which domain names may be registered and reassigned.

    Country code top-level domains (ccTLD) are delegated by IANA to national registries such as NIXI (National Internet eXchange of India) in India, CIRA in Canada, Neustar in US,DENIC in Germany and Nominet in the United Kingdom...etc

    Domain Registry

    Some name registries are government departments (e.g., the registry for Sri Lanka

    Some are co-operatives of Internet service providers (such as DENIC) or not-for profit companies (such as Nominet UK). Others operate as commercial organizations, such as the US registry (

    The allocated and assigned domain names are made available by registries by use of the WHOIS system and via their Domain name servers.

    Some registries sell the names directly (like SWITCH in Switzerland) and others rely on separate entities to sell them. For example, names in the .COMTLD are in some sense sold "wholesale" at a regulated price by VeriSign, and individual domain name registrars sell names "retail" to businesses and consumers.

    Domain Contacts

    There can be upto 3-4 domain contacts based on the extension;

    1.Registrant-owner address
    2.Admin - admin address
    3.Tech -Tech address
    4.Billing -Billing address

    Types of Domains

    There are mainly two types of domains Top-level domains and Second level domains.
    There are two sub categories in top level domains, gTLDs(Generic Top level domains) and ccTLDs(country code Top level domains).
    The .COM, .NET, .ORG..etc are gTLDs, these domains are managed in US and falls under US law. On the other hand ccTLDs have an appointed registry in each country to manage the domains and falls under the law in corresponding country;For example .IN, .CA, .US, .UK..etc are ccTLDs.
    Second level domains examples are .CO.IN, .CO.UK..etc and there can be third, fourth level and so on.

    Domain registration

    We can register the domains through accredited registrars. After the registration, the domain would show the status 'registered' on whois.

    Domain Expiry

    Domains get suspended after the expiry date. Services like website, emails won't work after the expiry date. After the expiry it goes to auto renew grace period.

    Auto renew grace period

    After the expiry of the domain, there is a 45 days of grace period for both .ca and .com. During auto renew grace period, we can see the domain status from whois as "auto-renew grace period".
    The domain may be still in auto-renew status for 45 days even if we renew during this period. After that time period the status of the domain will be changed to 'registered'. However this process may vary depends on the registrars.

    Redemption period

    After auto renew grace period, domain move to redemption period for 30 days. The status of the will be pending delete restorable, customer will be able to restore the domain during this period.
    Domain names not claimed during a given TBR session are transferred to the registry for deletion. Domain names transferred from TBR to the registry enter a life cycle stage referred to as Pending Delete which lasts for 24 hours. After this 24 hour period, the domain names are deleted in the registry and become available for re-registration.
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